My Water Smells Like “Rotten Eggs”

Rotten Egg Smell in My Water

Generally the “rotten egg” smell in well water in the Ottawa, Gatineau, Kingston, Cornwall area is caused by Sulfur and/or Hydrogen Sulfite (H2S) in your water. This can make your water smell like “rotten eggs”.

Sulfur in your water

Sulfur in your water is something in your water that is deteriorating that is giving off a sulfur smell. Sulfur will make your water smell like “rotten eggs”.

Hydrogen Sulfite (H2S) in your water

Hydrogen Sulfite (H2S) in your water is a gas that will also make your water smell like “rotten egs” but is a lot “sharper” smelling than sulfur is. Also Hydrogen Sulfite (H2S) when it hits air or oxygen, turns black. So if you sometimes see your water is black when you first turn on the taps, you most likely have Hydrogen Sulfite (H2S) in your water.

How to treat or filter Sulfur or Hydrogen Sulfite (H2S) in your water

Until recently, the most common solution for Hydrogen Sulfite (H2S) in your water involved the use of harsh chemicals and complicated equipment, requiring regular care and service by the homeowner or water treatment professional. My Sulfur and Hydrogen Sulfite (H2S) Remover now offers a “natural” solution for removing iron and H2S. A proven, patented technology that uses nature’s own oxidation process to eliminate sulfur and hydrogen sulfite (H2S) in your water without chemicals, without air compressors, without aerators and without external venturis.

Using nature’s own oxidation process, leaving you with fresh, clean, odor free water throughout your home. All of your water using appliances will leed longer lives. Dishwashers, washing machines and, of course, your water heater will benefit from having the sulfur and Hydrogen Sulfite (H2S) Remover, adding years to the life of major appliances and postponing expensive repair and replacement.

About the author

Shawn Sauve lives in Ottawa, ON Canada. He owns and operates a water filtration company that focuses on residential and commercial markets in the Ottawa, Brockville, CasslemanChesterville, Embrun, GreelyHawkesbury, KemptvilleLimonge,      Kingston, Pembroke, Renfrew. Manotick, Metcalfe, MorrisburgRussellCornwall and Gatineau area. For more information about Ottawa Water Filters CO please visit his website at www.